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Artist Interview Series: David Syre and Artistic Freedom

David Syre’s journey as an artist is as wide-ranging as his journey throughout life. And in this, his art is a true reflection of this vast personal experience and knowledge.

David Syre

He does not restrict himself to any single medium and does not plan anything beforehand. His finished pieces are a projection of impulse, fueled from within.

Sarah Corona has worked with Syre for the past three years. She says the boldness and vibrancy of Syre’s work matches his personality and style of dress.

“When he paints or draws, he doesn’t premeditate the motives or the subjects of his art,” Corona says. “He does a lot of meditation and yoga … and that somehow informs his art. When he goes into the studio and stands in front of the canvas, he starts without really knowing. But it doesn’t matter to him. It’s an output of processed information that he collected elsewhere during his many travels and trips.”

While art was always a part of his life, Syre’s professional life began as a businessman and lawyer. Working in land development gave him an appreciation for how to see space artistically.

“The artist in him and the businessman in him inform each other. As a land developer, having a vision of what can be built on an empty lot or empty land and how to build it to make it humanly accessible and pleasing, you have to have this artistic vision. “

Vision of Mars by David Syre

This large artistic vision lends itself well to working on big pieces. Syre is constantly influenced not only by the environment where he works, but also by the people.

It is the freedom of expression, the opportunity to tell the story he wishes in the manner and artistic medium he desires.

Art Vancouver 2021 will mark Syre’s first time showing at the exhibition. But being based just across the border in Washington State, Vancouver is common ground for him.

Pre-COVID-19, Syre spent a lot of time in Vancouver due to the close proximity to his home. Being able to showcase his artwork here is an added bonus.

Syre and his art can be seen at Art Vancouver Sept. 23–26.

By Nathan Durec


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