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Support A Child's Art Tuition

The Vancouver Visual Art Foundation has collaborated with Kids Up Front and is seeking your support to help cover a vulnerable youth's art class tuition and supplies. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are experiencing a financial gap that has influenced our programming. Furthermore, VVAF aims to create a program that nurtures and supports individuals from diverse backgrounds. ​With your support, we will be able to further build a creative community that provides hope and optimism for underserved communities; aiding them mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through art.


Please consider supporting this program so that we can continue our work at VVAF. 

For more information and to donate to this cause please click below.


More about our partnership

The Kids Up Front and Vancouver Visual Art Foundation have partnered in 2021 to bring creativity and art to children's homes. We focus on educating and connecting kids through art classes in vulnerable and remote communities across British Columbia. 

About Kids Up Front

Kids Up Front is an organization dedicated to ensuring that ALL kids have access to fun, enriching experiences.


In 1989, the UN identified that it’s a basic children's right to be able to engage in arts, culture, sports and recreation activities. Through their work, the Kids Up Front is on the right side of history playing a role in a world-class cause. The charity helps children meet their most basic rights, so they can thrive and meet their full potential.

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