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Art Talks

The success of an artist, or any professional, does not occur overnight. We offer the opportunity to learn how to ‘hack’ success by diving into the background of the business of art, including such areas of legal care and bookkeeping.


At this diverse and distinguished speaker event, we celebrate the community surrounding the creation and enjoyment of art.  An artist’s job is to create, but there is also the business side of art, and there are professional areas that we don’t always associate with the lifestyle of an artist. These areas definitely include affordable access to legal care and the universal need for good bookkeeping. 


Hacking Success an Artist’s Way is about the passion, talent, and background work it takes to become a success in the world of art. Art Talks present speakers who bring the knowledge and experience to help artists to start their career or clarify things in those areas that are not so easy to navigate.

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