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Corporate Art Classes

Recognizing the positive impact of art on workplace culture, our corporate art classes provide a unique opportunity for team building, creativity enhancement, and stress reduction within a professional environment. Tailored to suit the needs of corporate teams, these classes promote collaboration, innovation, and employee well-being. Through engaging art sessions, employees can tap into their creative potential, fostering a more inspired and cohesive workplace culture.

VVAF's commitment to arts education encompasses not only traditional settings but also recognizes the transformative potential of artistic expression within the corporate world. These tailored classes bring the benefits of artistic exploration directly into the workplace, contributing to a more dynamic, innovative, and harmonious professional atmosphere.


Alcohol Ink Classs

Alcohol Ink embodies the enchanting magic of fluid, highly saturated colors with a captivating dreamy flow. It serves both as a mesmerizing painting technique and as the name for colors infused with alcohol.

Flowers in a Vase

Embark on a journey of brush strokes, color blending, layering, and varnishing while painting with acrylic on canvas. Receive step-by-step guidance, and no prior experience is required. Uncover the joy of crafting a breathtaking floral masterpiece.

Sunset Art Class

In this class, you'll learn to capture the magic of fading sunlight through brushwork, blending techniques, and vibrant hues.

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