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About Us

The Vancouver Visual Art Foundation (VVAF) is a non-profit organization that produces events and programs in British Columbia (BC), strengthening the cultural sector and connecting visual art to the community. VVAF celebrates and supports visual artists and art initiatives with a focus on providing access to the arts through community-based events, festivals, exhibitions, and classes.

Art Abroad: An international exchange program that establishes collaborative relationships with other art fairs, galleries, and cultural institutions worldwide. Through Art Abroad, the Vancouver Visual Art Foundation facilitates opportunities for artists to showcase their work in prestigious venues outside of Vancouver, expanding their exposure to global audiences and forging connections within the global art community. Likewise, Art Abroad brings art fairs, galleries, and cultural institutions from around the world to Vancouver, enriching the local arts scene and promoting cultural exchange and dialogue on a global scale.

Art @Bentall Gallery: A gallery space within the iconic Bentall Centre in downtown Vancouver, showcasing a rotating selection of artworks by local artists. Art @Bentall Gallery serves as a vibrant hub for artistic expression, providing a platform for emerging and established artists to exhibit their work in a high-traffic urban setting, fostering accessibility and engagement with the arts.

Art Classes: Educational workshops designed to nurture artistic talent and skill development for individuals of all ages and levels of experience. These classes cover various mediums, techniques, and styles, providing participants with hands-on learning opportunities led by experienced instructors.

Art Demonstrations: Often held at Art Vancouver Contemporary Art Fair and Art Downtown, Art Demonstrations are live demonstrations where artists showcase their techniques, processes, and creative approaches in real time. Art Demonstrations offer audiences a behind-the-scenes look into the artistic process, inspiring curiosity and appreciation for the craftsmanship and skill involved in creating art.

Art Downtown: An immersive cultural experience that brings art out of traditional spaces and into the heart of the city. Art Downtown features pop-up exhibitions, interactive installations, and live performances, creating opportunities for the public to engage with art in outdoor urban settings.

Art Ignites: Aimed at sparking creativity and a passion for the arts among youth through interactive projects at various VVAF events, Art Ignites empowers youth to explore artistic expression, develop skills, and build confidence. By engaging with schools, charities, and youth organizations, the program provides accessible and inclusive programming to a range of young participants across BC. Art Ignites aims to inspire the next generation of artists, cultural leaders and changemakers while fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts within the community.

Art Masters: A competition where artists confront the challenge of time, mystery supplies, and a theme unveiled moments before the countdown begins. With just one hour to translate their vision into reality, they captivate the audience with their ingenuity and skill. Amidst the excitement, attendees participate in a silent auction, offering them the opportunity to acquire these original artworks. As the tension mounts, the audience transforms into jurors, casting their votes to determine the ultimate victor. Art Masters transforms the artistic process into a captivating spectacle, celebrating spontaneity, talent, and the power of creative expression.

Art Mentorship: A personalized mentorship program for emerging artists. Art Mentorship aims to empower emerging talents to refine their artistic practice, develop professional business skills, and navigate the art industry with confidence. This program fosters a nurturing environment for artistic growth, collaboration, and networking, bridging the gap between emerging and established artists.

Art Vancouver: A prestigious contemporary art fair showcasing an array of artworks from galleries and artists worldwide. Art Vancouver provides a platform to exhibit and connect with art enthusiasts, collectors, and galleries from around the globe.

Art Stories: An initiative that explores the narratives behind galleries, artworks and the artists. Through interviews, profiles, and features, Art Stories delves into the inspiration, challenges, and creative processes that shape the artistic journey, offering insights into the stories behind the art.

Art Talks: Engaging 1hr+ long panel discussions and presentations that delve into critical issues, trends, and developments in the art world. Art Talks provide a platform for artists, curators, scholars, and industry experts to share their perspectives, spark dialogue, and deepen understanding of contemporary art practices and concepts.

Speaker Series: Often held during Art Vancouver, our Speaker Series offers a curated lineup, each lasting just 15 minutes, featuring influential thought leaders, esteemed gallerists, collectors, innovators, and artists spanning diverse realms intertwined with art. Engaging in candid dialogues, speakers illuminate their challenges, inspirations, and aspirations, enriching audiences with insights into the dynamic landscape of contemporary art and its multifaceted intersections.

ct_ARTVancouver201821042018_070 (1).jpg
Sascha Westendorp - Paintings sold

At the Vancouver Visual Art Foundation (VVAF), our philosophy is rooted in the belief in the transformative power of art to enrich lives, inspire positive change, and foster connections within communities. We are dedicated to creating an inclusive space where artists and art enthusiasts can come together to celebrate creativity in all its forms.

Central to our philosophy is promoting multidisciplinary collaboration, and recognizing the value of diverse perspectives and talents in pushing the boundaries of artistic innovation. Through our events, programs, and initiatives, we seek to spotlight Vancouver as a vibrant center of creativity and cultivate a dynamic and supportive environment for artists to thrive. We believe that by fostering a community that embraces creativity and collaboration, we can create meaningful experiences that resonate with individuals and contribute to the cultural richness of our society.

We are passionate about making a positive impact on the local and global arts community, through these three fundamental pillars:

  1. Artist Empowerment

  2. Community Engagement

  3. Cultural Enrichment 

To serve as a global beacon for artistic expression, uniting individuals in a celebration of creativity, innovation, and cultural richness, enriching lives and inspiring positive change through our events and programs. 

To cultivate a dynamic community of art lovers, collectors, galleries, and artists, spotlighting Vancouver as a dynamic center of creativity, and unity among diverse talents through compelling events and programs.

  • Community: To create opportunities for potential collaborations with artists, arts educators, youth, and arts organizations so that there are more opportunities for individuals to develop appreciation and knowledge of the arts and culture around them. 

  • Creativity: Disseminate and implement wide-spread initiatives contributing to humanity in a creative way. 

  • Diversity: To empower underserved communities and women to enhance their quality of life by providing mentorships, lessons, participation, and guidance.

Our initiatives are designed to deepen appreciation and understanding of arts and culture, driving impactful contributions to humanity through innovative approaches.


VVAF places a strong emphasis on diversity, with a focus on empowering underserved communities including BIPOC individuals, women, and youth, through mentorship, participation, lessons, and guidance.

We warmly invite individuals who identify as Indigenous to participate in our various activities and discussions. Where possible, we offer discounted or free admission to ensure accessibility for all. Please contact us at for further details.

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