About us


To connect, inspire, and educate local and international visual arts communities.    


Our vision is to create a premiere destination and event that brings global awareness to the visual arts. By hosting local and international attendees and planning several events in addition to the art show, such as art classes and panel discussions, we will cultivate a positive and supportive environment that encourages artists and the public to express themselves unconditionally.

Vancouver Visual Art Foundation (VVAF) is a non-profit organization that seeks to build relationships between artists and their audiences by giving them a platform to share, learn and connect. 


To provide active engagement with new audiences while encouraging artists and the public towards self-expression without restrictions and foster the building of relationships by providing platforms to share, learn and connect. 


The flagship event on VVAF’s annual calendar is Art Vancouver, a four-day event where artists and galleries showcase their work on a prestigious platform, and attendees enjoy exposure to a diverse collection of fine art. This event builds bridges between artists and audiences through panel talks, presentations and art tours. For more information, please visit www.artvancouver.net

VVAF was established in 2017, two years after Art Vancouver, growing out of the art fair’s goal to increase the city’s position as a nexus to local and international visual art. Under this larger organization, VVAF also puts on other events throughout the year, promoting all forms of art and creating a safe space for artists and audiences to interact. The events VVAF hosts and assists with are meant to help nurture Vancouver’s creative community and establish Vancouver as being a city that successfully supports the arts.

We proudly create opportunities for visual artists rewarding them with artist fees and honoraria according to national standards.


Our organization follows a protocol stating that at least 5% of our activities are dedicated or include underserved populations including Aboriginal people, people who do not speak either of Canada's official languages, people with alternate sexual orientation, immigrants, refugees, ethnically or racially diverse populations, people with disabilities, and people with low incomes.

The Vancouver Visual Art Foundation recognizes the myriad of challenges faced by the Indigenous, LGBTQ and other underserved, marginalized communities. Through our commitment to supporting these communities, all the Foundation’s initiatives include
outreach to the industry-related organizations and it’s community members to provide awareness of upcoming initiatives while also offering free participation.


Core Values