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About Us

The Vancouver Visual Art Foundation (VVAF) is a non-profit organization that produces events and programs in British Columbia (BC), strengthening the cultural sector and connecting visual art to the community. VVAF celebrates and supports visual artists and art initiatives with a focus on providing access to the arts through community-based events, festivals, exhibitions, and classes.

To create premiere events that brings global awareness to the visual arts and encourages creators to express themselves.

To create meaningful opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds and cultures through art. 

Core Values​

To create opportunities for potential collaborations with artists, arts educators, youth, and arts organizations so that there are more opportunities for individuals to develop appreciation and knowledge of the arts and culture around them. 

Sascha Westendorp - Paintings sold

Disseminate and implement wide-spread initiatives contributing to humanity in a creative way. 

To empower underserved communities and women to enhance their quality of life by providing mentorships, lessons, participation, and guidance.

Mandate & Protocol​

To host international visual art events that both elevate the Vancouver arts community locally and draw global interest. Rooted in this mandate, our mission centers on the unifying power of art to foster advantageous opportunities that bridge diverse backgrounds and cultures. It encompasses a commitment to community engagement, and nurturing collaborations with artists, educators, youth, and art organizations.


This creates pathways for greater appreciation and knowledge of arts and culture driving our initiatives, aiming to make impactful contributions to humanity through innovative, aiming to make impactful contributions to humanity through innovative approaches.


Additionally, VVAF emphasizes diversity, focusing on empowering underserved communities, Indigenous, BIPOC+, those who do not speak either of Canada's official languages, immigrants, refugees, newcomers, women, youth, and people with disabilities,  through mentorship, participation, lessons, and guidance. 

Individuals who identify as Indigenous are invited to participate and represent their culture, heritage, and identity through the different activities and talks and offer discounted or free admission where applicable. 

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