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  • What does the Vancouver Visual Art Foundation do?
    Vancouver Visual Art Foundation (VVAF) is a non-profit organization that aims to create advantageous opportunities by uniting people of diverse backgrounds and cultures through art. Founded in 2017 under the artistic leadership of professional artist Lisa Wolfin, VVAF has grown to become a community of passionate artists and volunteers, working together to provide exhibitions, education, and other various programs, that have helped artists get worldwide exposure. Today, VVAF runs Art Vancouver international art fair, Art Downtown outdoor art festival, Art @Bentall Gallery, Art Masters painting competition, Art Classes, youth mentorships, and more. For upcoming events, visit:
  • How do I become a volunteer?
    We are always looking for new talent to assist our team, gain experience and be a part of Vancouver’s growing art scene. Please visit our volunteer page ( to submit your information.
  • How do I get tickets to attend the show?
    Art Vancouver tickets are available for purchase on our sister website ( or at the door.
  • When will I hear if my application for Art Vancouver has been successful?
    Whilst we do our best to review everyone’s applications as quickly as possible, due to the high volume we receive, we estimate that applicants will receive feedback within 30 days. Our selection committees’ promises to give each application the adequate time to be reviewed thoroughly.
  • Do you accept craft works?
    We do accept the following: visual arts pieces, including paintings, photography, sculpture, mixed media, digital art, glass, and wood, metal, and stone sculptures. We do not accept jewelry, tapestries, or any sort of arts and craft works.
  • What is the selection criteria?
    The jury selects exhibitors based on the following criteria: Quality of artwork Overall originality and uniqueness Exhibiting history
  • If my Art Vancouver application is unsuccessful, how do I get the deposit back?"
    We will refund you within 10 working days.
  • Are there any additional costs?
    There are optional additional costs such as furniture rental, WIFI, storage and wall signage. If your application is successful, you will receive further details on the extra available options and their costs.
  • Do I need to pay extra to be included in the promotion of the fair?
    This is included in the booth cost – we take care of the marketing in its entirety. You will receive 1 complimentary page in the fair’s catalogue to promote your art and provide visitors with your contact details. However if you would like to get extra marketing there are some media partners who are offering our exhibitors special rates, and there are extra marketing options available on a first come first serve basis, some limitations apply.
  • Do the images I include in the application need to be of the works I include in the show?
    No, they do not. However, if you are able to provide us with images of those pieces you will exhibit, please submit those images. It gives us a better idea of what you are submitting and how your booth could look and fit into the show as a whole.
  • Are there any discounts for friends and family of exhibitors?
    Each exhibitor will receive complimentary tickets for the Opening Night as well as a 20% discount on general tickets.
  • Do I have to be a gallery to apply?
    Art Vancouver is opened to galleries, solo artists and artist collaborations. Our mission is to grow, inspire and empower the local, national and international arts community and we believe that we can achieve this only if we support a diverse range of participants.
  • Can I use my own lighting?
    No external lighting is allowed.
  • Can I use my own furniture?
    Absolutely, you will be able to drive in the exhibition hall during the set-up day. If you prefer to rent furniture, let us know, we will provide you with more information.
  • What about wall signage?
    Each exhibitor is responsible for their own signage, we will provide you with information such as size, font, printing companies in the area.
  • Do I need to get insurance?
    All exhibitors must purchase an insurance plan for any loss or damages to the artwork including, but not limited to, fire, theft, burglary, damage, water leak, flood or moving of equipment in the exhibition hall.
  • How early can I set up my booth?
    Each exhibitor will be given a specific time to set-up. Move in day will be on May 3rd, 2023.
  • How many artworks can I exhibit?
    This depends on booth size, walls must not be cluttered. The Art Vancouver team will attend each booth during setup, if your walls are too crowded, we will ask you to remove some pieces. No artworks will be allowed to be leaned against the walls and be touching the hall floor.
  • Does the artist/gallery representative have to be present at all times?
    Yes, a representative must be in your booth during the entire fair.
  • How do I get tickets for Art Downtown?
    You will not need any tickets to attend the outdoor art fair as Art Downtown is free for the general public to enjoy and connect to artists. To attend visit one of our locations; Lot 19 on Wednesdays or Jack Poole Plaza on Fridays from 11am - 5pm.
  • How do I exhibit at Art Downtown?
    To become an exhibitor, visit the Art Downtown page ( ) and fill out the Artist Application.
  • When will I hear my application has been sucessful?
    Whilst we do our best to review everyone’s applications as quickly as possible, due to the high volume we receive for Art Downtown, we estimate that applicants will receive feedback within 30 days. Our selection committees’ promises to give each application the adequate time to be reviewed thoroughly.
  • Are there any additional costs?
    Whilst we try our best, we cannot provide parking passes to exhibiting artists in Downtown Vancouver.
  • How many artworks can I exhibit at Art Downtown?
    Exhibitors are provided with a 10x10 space to exhibit in that must not be cluttered. VVAF team will attend each station during setup, if your area is too crowded, we will ask you to remove some pieces.
  • How early can I set up my space?
    Exhibitors are allowed to set up once they have checked in with an onsite manager and provided their location at 10:30am. Exhibitors that are set up before checking in or arrived before the set time may be asked to move.
  • What do I need to bring for my space?
    You are responsible for setting up your own space, we recommend bringing the following: - You are welcome to bring friends/family to help set up your booth - Furniture to sit and advertise your space (ex. chair and tables) - Business Cards - Tent or umbrella - Weights to hold down your easels and tents - Easels to display your artwork - An app to accept payment (ex. Square)
  • How do I exhibit at Art @Bentall Gallery?
    Interested artists and organizations can apply at
  • When will I hear if my application has been successful?
    Due to the high volume applicants will receive feedback within 30 days. Our selection committees’ promise to give each application the adequate time to be reviewed thoroughly.
  • How do I prepare for my exhibition at Art @Bentall Gallery?
    Once accepted a VVAF team member will reach out confirming the following: - High quality images of exhibiting work - Titles, prices, and sizes of your pieces - Set up date - Drop off of business cards - Pick up of artwork
  • Are you a new artist?
    Are you considering a career as a professional artist? Art Vancouver presents numerous chances for your work to be discovered by international collectors and galleries, as well as an excellent networking platform.
  • How do I get started?
    It is recommended that you either secure your own booth or share a space at the event. To showcase your work, you should prepare a series of pieces, which can be either a collection of one style or individual works. Each piece should be titled and accompanied by a name tag indicating the title, size, medium, year, and artist name.
  • How do I price my work?
    There is a formula to price your work, it can vary on the size, mediums, and your name. Research similar artists who are in approximately the same place in their career. Using their selling price, determine an average price per square inch and see how that would apply to your artwork. Unit prices for smaller works would often be priced slightly higher and larger works slightly lower.
  • When do I apply?
    To be scheduled in the programming throughout the weekend, please have your application in by February 1st, 2024. To exhibit in Art Vancouver please apply by March 1, 2024.
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