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Art Museum

Art Abroad: A Cross-Cultural Exchange

Art Abroad is a distinctive program curated and administered by the Vancouver Visual Art Foundation. This initiative is strategically crafted to cultivate meaningful relationships within the global art community, connecting artists with art fairs, galleries, and museums from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Through this cross-continental collaboration, Art Cross-Cultural Exchange draws in international participants, enriching VVAF's events like Art Vancouver.

This program provides a dynamic platform for artists associated with VVAF, offering them exposure and recognition on a global stage. Fostering cross-cultural dialogues with entities from diverse regions amplifies the artistic voices but also contributes to a deeper understanding and appreciation of art on a global scale.

Moreover, by attracting art fairs, galleries, and museums from Europe, Asia, and Africa, Art Cross-Cultural Exchange plays a pivotal role in enhancing the cultural and economic landscape of British Columbia. This collaboration contributes to the local art scene, fostering connections beyond artistic endeavors, and benefiting the economy and tourism sector in the region. The program's multifaceted impact underscores the Vancouver Visual Art Foundation's commitment to creating a global platform that transcends boundaries, fosters creativity and promotes cultural exchange.

PLAS Art Show

The exhibition of the Plastic Art Seoul (Sculpture, Glass, Media Art, Painting etc) is held at Coex. PLAS specializes in large sculptures. 

Jageun Art Museum

​To expand the contact points between art and the public the Jageun Art Museum opened in 2020 as a public art museum utilizing the idle space of Shinsegae Starfield Goyang, and organize monthly exhibitions that provide the general public with the opportunity to appreciate various artworks from home and abroad.

Art in Dongsan

Art in Dongsan develops various cultural contents and pursues the role of a catalyst to enhance aesthetic and creative thinking in our lives.

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