Art Masters

8 Artists, 1 Theme, 1 Hour and 1 Box of supplies.

July 22nd, 12 PM - 1 PM at the Lot 19 Downtown Vancouver

This event is a new competition where professional artists produce artworks based on a given theme, using surprise supplies. This gives the artists a chance to be creative and produce unique artworks. It also allows attendees to watch professional artists at work within a creative, lively atmosphere.


Art Masters is a speed competition that gives artists one hour to complete a painting. Each artist is given a mystery box of supplies and must create their painting to a common theme. Artists feel the pressure not only of creating with these constraints, they must also work in front of a live audience! All work is auctioned off at the end of the event.

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Past Art Masters Winners

Soda Leavey | Lot 19 2020
Lot 19 2020
Unky Lastrange | Portside 2019
Portside 2019
Ibeabuchi Ananaba | Art Vancouver 2019
Art Vancouver 2019
Danyne Johnston | Portside 2019
Portside 2019
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