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Art Ignites

Art Ignites is a youth-oriented program at Art Vancouver, an International Art Fair. Open to secondary students in the Lower Mainland and beyond, the purpose is to spark creativity and observation in youth. Each student is provided a booklet with interactive activities for them to participate in during the fair. These activities are aimed at advancing their imagination, becoming more observant to their surroundings, and sparking curiosity. Art Ignites’ mission is to provide opportunities for youth to connect and engage with art. We hope to advance critical thinking skills and strengthen leadership qualities.



To connect youth through the art community and encourage creativity.



Beyond Art Vancouver, Art Ignites strives to provide creative opportunities for self-expression through different mediums. By attending an international art fair, youth can broaden their understanding of art and culture through connecting with artists. 


We are also working to provide various workshops that teach youth how to use art as a form of therapy and how to view the world through a unique lens. 

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