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Long-Term Volunteer Application 

Find the right placement for you in one of our many departments. 

Social Media

  • Content creator

  • Strategy 

  • Copywriting 


  • Fundraising 

  • Partnership 

  • Sponsorship 

  • Outreach 


  • Public advertisements (banners, buses, elevators, etc) 

  • Presentation decks 

  • Print materials (brochures, postcards, business cards) 

  • UX/UI 

  •  International marketing - Korean air fair (brochures, postcards, business cards) 


  • Analytics - social media, audience, paid ads, newsletters, website data

  • Outreach to traditional media 

  • Press release 

  • Google ads - korean translation 


  • Blog writing 

  • Grant writing 

  • Copy writing/Copy editing 


  • Pre-production 

  • Videographer 

  • Video editor 

  • Photographer 

Fill in your details!

Thanks for applying! We will contact you soon!

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