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I was born and raised in Toronto and spent almost every school holiday in the UK or Pakistan, in an either-or kinda system. Creating art lives outside my morning routine; conference calls, the suited-up meeting, the well-written response, overthinking, passing, momming and high heels. I try without them and there is a difference. In this space I ponder Art; myths, the trivium-quadrivium, anthropology, Sufism, truth, beauty, tribal masks, and superheroes. All dreaming, fantasizing, and flirting with poetry as I churn words with my fingers through art on canvas. My work is either hung on a wall or worn. The wearable pieces are what my great nomadic ancestral grandmother might wear on a Friday night while she crisscrosses a valley on the Silk Road. My work arrives like a fever and emerges as I rummage for my self. 


    Title:          Sunshine

    Medium:      Mixed Media

    Size:                 24" x 24"


    Refunds are possible within 15 days of purchase


    Available for pick up at Art @Bentall Gallery. Shipping available within Canada, contact our team for more information.

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