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The Art of Acquiring Art. Part 6 - Trendspotting for 2019

By Beiming Shi

The ever-expanding art market looks set for another exciting year. Huge global art fairs this month, such as the London Art Fair and LA Contemporary, are already paving the way for some of the trends that look set to take the art world by storm. In order to prepare you for Art Vancouver in April here are some top tips for both what and WHO to look out for when AV returns to the Vancouver Convention Centre on April 25-28:

Trend spotting Tip 1: Dark Jewel Tones

Opulence continues to dominate. Think onyx black, rich prussian blue and phthalo green interspersed with flecks of turquoise and gold. This type of work sits perfectly on bright, light, white-washed walls. 2019 AV exhibitors to look out for include ceramicist Wei Cheng’s golden revival and abstract painter Geoffrey Feng’s responses to the nature around us.

Trend spotting Tip 2: Abstracts

It is unsurprising that the evocative world of abstraction remains popular. Deeply subjective and often highly conceptual this type of art will guarantee conversation amongst your house guests for years to come. 2019 AV exhibitors to look out for include Lonnie Pelletier’s cosmic creations and Pam Carr’s small and intimate painterly abstractions.

Trend spotting Tip 3: Photography

Not always favoured by traditionalists, the power and reach of photography should not be overlooked. Poetic, poignant and personal: In the right hands the camera can capture a moment in time that can be treasured forever. 2019 AV exhibitors to look out for include Omaima Ahmed’s photographic portrayal of African and Arabic countries and Adam Gibb’s ethereal shots of BC’s forests.

Trend spotting Tip 4: Urban Culture & Street Art Vibes

The ever-expanding urban sprawl is the perfect canvas for street artists inspired by their surrounds. Purchasable pieces of pop art inspired by urban living and graphic art can add a personal touch to the uniformity of urban condos. 2019 AV exhibitors to look out for include punchy pop culture pieces by Jake Bull and the vibrant layering of organic shapes in Valerie Capewell’s painterly work.

Trend spotting Tip 5: Having the Blues

The January Blues needn’t be a bad thing. The colour is considered to be beneficial to the mind and body and is known to produce a calming effect - making it the perfect colour to introduce into the home of those with busy lives. 2019 AV exhibitors to look out for include the blue botanics of Beiming Shi and the visceral abstract expressions of painter Larry Roberts.

By Petra Giffard


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