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Tobias Luttmer has been a self taught sculptor for over a decade, he uses various materials such as granite and ceramic; however, his favorites are basalt and stainless steel, basalt for its malleability and stainless steel for its versatility. The use of these materials yields unique structures but also presents a fine challenges that test his artistic capabilities. Luttmer’s passion lies within the physicality of the sculpting process: from the stark clash of ringing metal to the red hot glow of molten stainless steel, every drop of sweat fuels his creative spirit.

When asked about the creative message behind some of his pieces, he considers important questions like, did the viewer understand the direction I was going in? Or how can I make my work more understandable? On the other hand, Luttmer thinks that his pieces do not have to carry a deeper meaning, saying that “a pretty thing is just a pretty thing.” Some of his sculptures serve a purely aesthetic purpose, while others are kinetic, or even functional. He plans on further exploring kinetic sculptures and implementing the concept to his work.

With regards to inspiration, Luttmer attributes his ideas to Mother Nature, drawing ideas from animals and humans alike. Another major source of his inspiration stems from the actual process of sculpting, ideas slowly beginning to take form once he’s begun casting, welding, cutting, and carving. He plans on working with larger scale sculptures, hoping one day to reach a pinnacle of architecture and sculpting. Tobias is looking forward to exhibiting some exciting new pieces next year at Art Vancouver 2020.

Visit his website here

Twitter- @thegorilladidit

Instagram- @tobiassculpture



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