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Geoffrey Feng and his love for landscapes

Geoffrey Feng is an oil painter and graphic artist residing in North Vancouver. His medium of expertise consists of oil paintings which are focused on beautiful landscapes in British Columbia. Throughout his life-long dedication to art, he pays respect, praise and gratitude to the historical elements of his homeland of China.

A portrait of Geoffrey Feng
Artist Geoffrey Feng

“Expressionism is my favorite style/medium,” says Geoffrey. He enjoys the freedom and energy when it comes to Expressionist paintings. The beauty of nature and conscience of humans, which are his main sources of inspiration, translate very well to Expressionism.

When it comes to the artist’s favourite piece, it is The Fall of Sparrows, 2019. “It shows what I want to express and get a very touching response from the audience.”

Eating, Drinking and Playing, Geoffrey Feng, 2022
Eating, Drinking and Playing, Geoffrey Feng, 2022

The painting has an almost mystical feel combined with energy. The details in the foreground represent the decaying nature of living being, and the splatter of brush almost makes it feel very real.

Although many artists are inspired by family or another artist, Geoffrey owes his inspiration to religious and poetic laments, such as Lamentation of Jeremiah. The book of Lamentations has deep theological meanings of turning towards God. It depicts the reality of hardship, sorrow and suffering. and ultimately, hope.

Brooke East, Geoffrey Feng, 2022
Brooke East, Geoffrey Feng, 2022

Since the artist’s pieces resonate with the audience on an emotional as well as spiritual level, a lot of Geoffrey’s inspirations are to be found in the holy book of Lamentations.

For his preferred art supplies, he mainly uses Chinese bushes. The delicacy of strokes can be seen in his paintings. “Hope in suffering is what draws me to Chinese art,” says Geoffrey. It certainly seems that his works revolve around evoking an emotional response from the viewer.

Currently, Geoffrey is a member of Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) and North Van Art. He has also been an Art Vancouver exhibitor. Apart from hosting solo exhibitions at UBC, he was also awarded the Outstanding American Artist Award and Merit Award by Duke University.

By Zarin Tazreen


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