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Experience VR painting at Art Vancouver with Hammer & Tong

If you’re looking for the latest in art technology, Art Vancouver 2019 has you covered. This year, the Vancouver based VR studio Hammer & Tong will be in attendance, with two of their artists set to showcase live demonstrations on how to paint in a virtual space. Art Vancouver attendees will be given the chance to either watch a projection of the VR paintings or become immersed in the VR world themselves, by simply putting on a headset.

“The prospect of being able to quickly and efficiently create worlds from the ground up was particularly exciting to me,” shared VR Artist, Edward Madojemu, Hammer & Tong. With virtual reality, artists who may otherwise feel restricted by the art that they produce, are able to create freely without physical restrictions or boundaries. However, Madojemu, also pointed out the skill set required to paint in VR. “There was a huge learning curve with VR painting initially,” he explains. “I think the biggest struggle was learning to create art that held up in three dimensions as opposed to a single, perfect angle.”

Ready to experience Hammer & Tong? If you haven’t already, purchase tickets today at


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