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DIY Holiday Art Presents

For many of us, the holiday season means showing our loved ones what they mean to us. Instead of shopping for gifts, I choose to give a gift only I can give someone, which is my art. This way, my gifts are unique to the individual and speak specifically to our relationship or have a special meaning. There is no better gift than something from the heart I know my family and friends will appreciate.

Since the holidays are now just around the corner, and the gift hunt is about to begin, here are a few ideas for Do It Yourself art presents you can make with love from the comfort of your home.

Alcohol Ink Holiday Card by Sky Lilah

Art Cards: These are my personal favourite gifts. They’re small and easy to mail, can be quick to make and give you more than one opportunity to show your loved ones how much they mean to you! I like to paint a scene that reminds me of them on the front of the card, and fill the inner fold with a heart-felt letter.

Mini Paintings: Maybe words aren’t your thing, but painting still is! In this case, a mini-painting can be a great solution. You can make a custom piece for every loved one or try making a "Holiday Gifts" series!

Alcohol Ink Holiday Painting by Lisa Wolfin

Pottery: Alongside candles, pottery and home goods seem to be big on everyone’s gift lists. But this doesn’t mean you have to opt for pieces anyone can buy. Instead, try making your own vases, mugs or plates!

Your Favourite Photograph: If you have a knack for lens-based art, a framed print of your favourite photo of or with your loved one makes a great gift. If you don't shoot people, think about which of your shots would look great in their homes!

Felted Ornament by Flavia Calliari-Damasio

A holiday ornament: If your talent lies in crafts, the holidays are an amazing excuse to pull out all the stops and get creative! Try making your own versions of customary holiday decor. I know I have several family members who take pride in their ornament collections and would love to have a one-of-a-kind piece to add to them.

These are only a few ideas of the many things you can create for your loved ones. Whatever you choose to do this holiday season, remember that spreading love to those around you is all it's about.

By Jana Rolland

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