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Paul immigrated to Vancouver from England in 1966 and met his wife very soon after. The pair have spent their entire lives travelling, painting and raising their family. It is a beautiful story that features two very beautiful people at the helm. Watch his interview here.

Paul can paint anywhere; the space is not important. He told me, ‘my ideas are in me, I don’t really need an environment that is conducive to it but equipment is key.’ Paul consumes hundreds of feet of canvas every month and thousands of dollars in paint. Paul works with acrylic paint primarily and will be reintroducing his plexiglass work at Art Vancouver this year with an acrylic finish. Previous to this, the artists’ plexiglass work featured an enamel element. In an attempt to elevate the work and present it in a more contemporary style, Paul has found high quality acrylic paint to replace the enamel layers in the work. The artist uses many different techniques. Each technique needs a different kind of discipline, so therefore detailed work takes a lot longer than a fast, spontaneous abstract technique for example.

Paul will usually put his paint brush down just before he thinks the piece is finished. The man has been painting for so many years that the instinct to stop is an inherent one, Paul knows instinctively when his work is complete and when to put the brush down. Instinct and little nudge from Joanne!

Facilities and speed in the movement of information have developed rapidly and continues to do so. This has really assisted Paul’s practice over the years. A painting can be conceived of, executed and shipped in a mere 24 hours now as opposed to the two or three weeks it would have taken 20 years ago, if not more.

We left Paul’s space on a sentiment of gratitude as the artist declared I feel very lucky to the be an artist, ‘I only get tired when I am not painting.’

Email for more or visit Paul in his booth.

Paul is represented at

Eagle Spirit Gallery

1802 Maritime Mews, Granville Island, Vancouver

UKAMA Gallery

1803 Maritime Mews, Granville Island, Vancouver

Commissions undertaken visa/mc/cheques, Worldwide shipping.

Visit his website here:



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