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Hidden Soul

Hidden Soul


Exhibition Title: THE TURMOIL


Flowers may appear to be very still, but they actually possess many life instincts. For Beiming Shi, they not only bring inspiration through a symphony of colors but also evoke an impulse of instinctual desire. The flowers are full of power and tension, intertwined, soft, passionate, and bursting forth. Shi feels connected to them and dances in a sense of feeling.


The tragic sex story of the mantis also inspires Shi. The male mantis dances to its death, a theme the artist incorporates into the paintings to symbolize the dangerous intimate relationship that follows beautifully alluring love.


    Title:            Hidden Soul

    Medium:      Acrylic on Canvas

    Size:              24" x 30"


    Refunds are possible within 15 days of purchase


    Available for pick up at Art @Bentall Gallery. Shipping available within Canada, contact our team for more information.

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