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At the core of our organization lives the mission of growing, inspiring and empowering the local, national and international arts community. 

With a diverse range of artists and this mission in mind, the 2019 show will be curated to the theme of “Uniting Nations Through Art.” In a celebration of art worldwide, event attendees will have the chance to meet artists and see work from across the globe.

Aside from exploring this theme through our artists, several opportunities will be available for the public to further engage. Art classes that teach techniques from other countries will be hosted throughout the weekend of the show, and for the second year in a row, Art Vancouver will be hosting a public painting contest in which unknown artists can compete to have a piece of their work displayed at the show. Art Vancouver 2019 will be a celebration of all the things that make us different – and ultimately serve to make us the same.Get your tickets here.

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