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The pressure of making a purchase at an art fair can seem overwhelming. The array of original and exciting artwork combined with negotiating a sale may well have put you off. So if you are now regretting not making that purchase then here are five pointers that may help you on your way to acquiring work from your new favourite artist or gallery!

Can’t remember the artists’ name? Have a look to see if you picked up the catalogue and/or show guide – as these both contain all exhibitors’ contact information. Or use the art fair’s website to trace them.

Want to see what else the artist has to offer? Well – then follow them on social media. Most artists regularly use Instagram and/or other social media platforms and these tend to be more frequently updated than websites… giving you a tantalising insight into new and current work as it develops

Need a better look? If you want to view the work in real life again then have a look to see if the artist is exhibiting anywhere locally. There are usually plenty of small art fairs and exhibitions taking place or you may be able to view the work in a gallery – so do some research or contact the artist to find out their plans.

Is your dream piece a little out of your price range? Don’t be afraid to ask for a discount. Often first time buyers benefit from reduced prices in an attempt to turn you into a repeat customer/collector – so don’t be afraid to ask.

Can’t see it in your size or preferred colour? Contact the artist to see if they might be interested in a commission… for what better way to kick-start your collection than with a personalised piece?!

By Petra Giffard


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