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Pacific Arts Market: South Granville’s Hottest New Destination for Creative Christmas Shopping

With Christmas just around the corner it is worth a trip to Pacific Arts Market in Vancouver. This bright and airy space is home to an array of affordable and unique arts and crafts, and is the perfect place to pick up unique gifts this Christmas.

The Market is the brainchild of Crystal Cornthwaite and her business partners Amber and Philip Moss - who have set about changing the way people shop in South Granville. The emphasis is on encouraging shoppers to buy local products and support artists and makers in their community.

Shoppers can browse a diverse range of affordable local products guaranteed to appeal to a variety of tastes in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Affordable and original art pieces sit beautifully alongside jewelry, textiles and other beautiful handmade gift items. The market is open throughout December and into the new year - and each artist or maker receives 100% of their sales revenue - meaning your money goes straight towards supporting local artists by boosting the local economy right here in Vancouver!


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