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Green Apple Art Center’s students exhibiting a wall-size painting at Art Vancouver

For 15 years, Green Apple Art Center has been helping students become leaders in creative industries through targeted courses designed to help students develop foundational skills and explore a range of avenues in art and design. Although Green Apple Art Center offers classes for students in all age groups, they specialize in high school visual art programs that feature advanced classes and industry-geared programs.

In addition to courses in Architecture, Animation, Concept Art, Visual Arts, and Fashion Design, Green Apple Art Center offers feature programs that help students gain hands-on knowledge of creative industries. Among these are the Creative Design Challenge program where students compete for a national prize in Silicon Valley, and the New York Fashion Week program where students design and premier pieces at New York Fashion Week itself. These programs give students invaluable practical experience in the art and design world.

Green Apple Art Center also offers courses for adults. With class in open studio Watercolour, Acrylic Painting, and Figure Drawing that are open to all skill levels.

Visit Green Apple Art Center’s booth at Art Vancouver to learn more about their programs and view their students’ work. Led by instructors Alison Guan and Fiona Tang, students Mona Qin, Tammy Zhong, Mika Shimmura, Calysta Chang, Victor Tang, Roy Zhang, Anna Han, Amy Lin, Nancy Ruonan Wang, George Huang and Alice Lee will be showcasing their work, Voyage of a Dream. The large-scale group piece explores the hopes, dreams, and beauty of the unconscious mind through surrealism. Instructor Fiona Tang will also be having an artist demo “Dancing with Lines”, where she demonstrates the art of using gestural lines to capture the essence of wild animals.

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