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Can Furniture Be Art?

What is art and when does furniture become art?

Furniture at its best combines form and function effortlessly, but just because you sit on a chair, and eat at a table, does that not make it art? Art is an expression of creative skill and imagination; it can tell a story and build an emotional connection. Furniture has the ability to do all these things.

Maybe there is a schism between furniture and art because furniture, for the most part, is mass-produced and commercialized. But should art be reserved for the elite client? As Design Consultants and Interior Designers, we work with clients of all budgets and it’s our job to realize how we experience the entire space – whether that means pairing an Ikea print with a Gamma armchair or vice versa.

While there is no simple answer, every now and then it’s good to take a step back and question how we make decisions around what counts as art and what doesn’t.

Excerpts from Art Vancouver discussion presented by Ginger Jar Furniture and OMG it’s small, in cooperation with Alexandra Interiors & Anarchy in Colour.


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