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Bita Motamedi is a watercolourist, portrait artist and art researcher based in Burnaby, BC. She has over 10 years of experience in creating thematic representational Concept-Images, and considers her work to be a project in a social context.

For her, the artist’s role is to discover ideas within the real world, which is then translated onto a two dimensional plane, whether that idea be translated via the composition or the process of creating the work itself. In this case, one can see how her work has an underlying social context and ultimately attempts to evoke her own thinking process, all of which creates the ‘concept image’. She joins together both image and word to create an all encompassing final form, which then regenerates new ideas or concepts and presents her with new styles.

In her work she likes to find a balance between the concrete and abstract, the physical world and the two dimensional picture that is the image, and she welcomes the viewer to insert themselves within the piece to locate these concepts of the real world. For her, she wants the viewer to become involved within her piece.

When it comes to subject matter and finding inspiration for her work, she says that she finds inspiration everywhere; in nature, but also in the nature of everything around her – in its quality, appearance, and in its presence. This is particularly the case in the spectacular sceneries, cityscape, culture and people of Vancouver, all of which she finds inspiration for her work in the ideas she wants to communicate but also in subject matter too.

Motamedi will be taking part in the VVAF’s new Art Downtown summer program, where she will be selling her work, doing live demonstrations, and connecting with the public. She says that she is enjoying her time at Art Downtown so far, especially because of the connection that she gets with the public. She is able to speak to passersby about her work while also painting around the inspiring locations of downtown Vancouver.

She says that it is “a great opportunity for a creative open communication with the public” and that she is fully taking advantage of this opportunity.


Bita Motamedi will be showcasing and selling her work throughout summer. To find out more about her work or to buy one of her pieces, please visit us at Art Downtown. We will be at Lot 19 every Wednesday, and at Cathedral Square every Friday, from 11am – 2pm.

For more information please visit


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