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Art Vancouver's International Youth Festival- Art Ignites

This years’ International Youth Festival, Art Ignites, will be held on April 26, 2019 at the Vancouver Convention Center. This is a new addition to Art Vancouvers’ yearly international art fair which typically runs the entire weekend in April. The theme this year is Uniting Nation’s Through Art!

School groups are invited to join in the fun from 1-5pm free of charge. An interactive, educational experience has been designed by educators to meet curriculum outcomes. The interactive resource guide enables students to have a more structured, mindful experience at the show if they choose! Teachers can assign specific tasks for follow up back at school.

Youth who will descend on the festival are in for an afternoon of interactive fun! In addition to soaking in over 100 artists work from around the world there will be a youth centred speakers panel, live performance art and a chance to paint with Paintillio!

What you ask is Paintillio? It is a huge paint by numbers art experience. Everyone is given a paint brush, a pot of paint and assigned a number!

The end result is a collaborative, mural sized masterpiece that will astound and amaze everyone.

It’s not too late to get your school group in on the fun. Contact The Art Educators through Art Vancouver at and we will ensure that your school is sent 50 free tickets!

See you at the Fair!

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