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Golden Blaze

Golden Blaze


Sana Biden (Oxana Baydina), an artist hailing from a lineage of creativity, immigrated to Canada with her family in 2016. Her early affinity for art manifested in childhood, communicating through drawings before mastering various techniques under familial influence.

Graduating from art school in 1978, Sana gained recognition in Russia, Japan, and Poland during the 1970s for her traditional paintings. Transitioning fifteen years ago to painting on glass with specialized mediums, her experimentation with techniques continues, blending drawing with stained glass artistry.

Versatile in subject matter, Sana's portfolio spans from realistic depictions to stylistic interpretations, including nature, animals, landscapes, and architectural motifs. Drawing inspiration from Art Nouveau and Art Deco, her works adorn private collections and public spaces throughout British Columbia since her Canadian debut in 2016.


    Title:           Golden Blaze

    Medium:      Stained glass technique and specialty paints on glass

    Size:              49 cm x 56 cm (Framed)


    Refunds are possible within 15 days of purchase


    Available for pick up at Art @Bentall Gallery. Shipping available within Canada, contact our team for more information.

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