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Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams


Jeremy Bresciani (Pencil Artist)


Jeremy was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1974, but moved to Sherwood Park, Alberta with his family at the age of twelve. In 2012, he moved to BC and now resides in Abbotsford with his amazing wife and two young sons.


Although he has no formal training and has never taken an art class, Jeremy has enjoyed drawing in his spare time since he received his first "Learn to Draw" book from his parents at the age of nine. 


Jeremy grew up playing hockey and loving football, but discovered "extreme sports" during his years studying at the University of Alberta. A year backpacking in Australia led to an appreciation for travel and a love for the outdoors. In 1999, Jeremy started an adventure sports/sporting goods distribution company pioneering several new sports and sports products worldwide. This led to a great deal more traveling and many unique experiences including working as a stunt double in a Mexican Chocolate Milk TV commercial in 2006 and collaboration with major Canadian beer brand, Kokanee, in a series of their TV commercials in 2007. Although he enjoyed every minute of this journey, art remained his first passion.


In 2008, with encouragement from family and friends, Jeremy decided to take more time to focus on art and develop a collection. Jeremy has now been a full-time, professional artist for over 13 years.  He has found his niche in sports art, tackling projects so incredibly detailed, that each original takes between 200 and 900 hours to draw.  Jeremy spends a great deal of time researching each team and player he plans to depict, striving to create artwork that captures their complete history while also incorporating the unique culture of each fanbase.  Each piece has many hidden details that may not be realized at first glance.  Jeremy's goal with every piece is to help is relive our childhood, reminisce about sporting moments shared with loved ones and fellow fans and generate great conversations.   


His work has been displayed and sold in 39 fine art galleries throughout Canada and the US. 


He has been featured on TSN and GLOBAL TV as well as in full page spreads in The Regina Leaderpost, The Saskatoon Star Phoenix, The Edmonton Sun and The Edmonton Examiner newspapers.  


He has been commissioned by the CFL Alumni Association for two pieces of artwork.


Two of his original pieces, "The Dream Begins Here" and "Canada's Game" will become a permanent part of the Hockey Hall of Fame's "Art of Hockey" exhibit beginning this spring. 


With support from major sports teams and sporting legends, Jeremy will continue to build his collection. Jeremy hopes that his artwork can bring not only a smile to the faces of sports fans and art lovers alike, but bolster fan support and pride for the teams he depicts and add to the legacy of the players he grew up idolizing.


    Title:           Field of Dreams

    Medium:      Graphite Pencil on paper

    Size:                 25" x 33"


    Refunds are possible within 15 days of purchase


    Available for pick up at Art @Bentall Gallery. Shipping available within Canada, contact our team for more information.

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