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Sneak Peek

As a precursor to Art Vancouver, this event brings together creative professionals for a fun evening of art, live painting and networking.

The 2020 Sneak Peek took place February 20–28 at Pendulum Gallery.

Hosted by local artist and Art Vancouver, the goal for the night was the same as Art Vancouver’s philosophy: to make art accessible for all.


Thanks to all artists who presented their artwork: Teresa Smith, Monica Gewurz, Elizabeth Cross, Shelley Brookes, Geoffrey Feng, Paul Ygartua, Rose Tanner, Skyla Wayrynen, Taisha Teal, Lisa Wolfin, Pablo Galiacho, Laura Noonan, Mohammad Reza Atashzad, Talin Wayrynen, Michelle McCutcheon, Kathy van Gogh, Gao Long, Mila Chanel, Stefan Rogenmoser.

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