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Jana Rolland

Vancouver, BC


Jana Rolland is a visual artist who began painting as a young child and has pursued the arts ever since. In 2020, she set out on a path to one day make her dream of becoming a professional artist a reality. Jana primarily works in oil paint but also experiments with a range of other mediums, including watercolour, graphic pen, printmaking, and digital art as part of her practice. These explorations of other mediums in turn inspire much of her work in oils. When creating, Jana gravitates towards bold colours and shapes. Her work is a reflection of her appreciation for the natural world and invites viewers to see nature in a new light. The Geometric Landscape Series highlights the vast variability of colour and natural expression we may witness throughout the course of a single day. As the sun rises and falls, the world is coloured in infinite different ways. This phenomenon is a key source of inspiration for Jana and one she seeks to represent in this series.

Energy 1

  • Title: Energy 1

    Medium: Oil

    Size: 8" x 8"

    Year: 2022